Commio Groups

Groups Explained:

Groups on your Commio account offer a convenient way to track your billing by separating out similar groups of numbers or outbound trunks to appear in your CDRs and/or MDRs.


How to Create a Group:

1. Navigate to the Groups page under the Account tab.


2. Click the Add Group button in the upper right.

3. Give the Group a name and click the Save button.


You can also save your group names into a csv file and choose to import them via the file upload option. This will create a new group for each name listed per row in your CSV file. 


How to Associate a Group to a Number:

1. Navigate to the Configure Numbers page under the Inbound tab.

2. Select at least one number by clicking on it. The selected number will turn grey and you can click on more than one number to select multiple at one time.

3. Click the Associate Group button. A button will appear next to the Show Filters button once at least once number is selected. Once you click this button you will be able to select the group to associate to the numbers you have selectedScreen_Shot_2023-05-17_at_4.03.38_PM.png

To enter a list of numbers to edit, click show filters and then show DID group to copy and paste your list of numbers, then click filter. Once your numbers are filtered to the correct list you can select the results and assign the group as well. 

How to Associate a Group to an Outbound Trunk:

1. Navigate to the Outbound Trunks tab. You can create a new trunk or choose to edit an existing trunk. 

2. On the edit screen, you will see a drop down menu to assign a group. Click save. 


*To separate outbound voice traffic using the same IP address, but different groups, you will need to use the prefix option to differentiate multiple trunks. You will add that same prefix to your dial plan so it hits the trunk with the associated Group correctly. 

CDR and MDR Downloads:

- Inbound Voice CDRs:  Located under the Inbound - CDR FTP tab. 

- Outbound Voice CDRs: Located under the outbound - CDR FTP tab. 

- Messaging MDRs (inbound and outbound): Located under the Messaging - MDRs tab. 

*These can be pulled via the portal or API. 


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