Account Ledger Tab Inbound

We recommend viewing your account ledger to see an exact breakdown of what charges you incurred on a specific month’s invoice. To access your account ledger in order to see a breakdown of your monthly invoices, login to, go to the ‘billing’ tab on the left hand side and then 'inbound.' Select ‘account ledger.’ 

The Account Ledger Tab will display each invoice by the month and will have either an ‘open’ or ‘closed’ its status. The account ledger for the current month will show as ‘open.’ The status will show as ‘closed’ for any past month’s usage but the ledger can still be viewed at anytime. 

To view a specific month’s usage and charges, click on either the ‘open’ or ‘closed’ button underneath the status column. Each invoice contains Description, Quantities, Totals, Taxes and a Grand Total.

As a reminder, your rates can be found under the inbound tab, ‘rates’ and then ‘inbound rates.’ Your tax amounts are directly below the ‘inbound rates’ tab. 

Please note that we do not ever charge you twice for an MRC on a number. For example, if you see "Oct in Advance" item in September, that means those numbers were charged at the end of September (for October) and are NOT charged again in October. 

MRCs- Monthly Recurring Costs

NRCs- Non-recurring costs (one time fee)

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