CNAM IN - Caller ID Lookup on Inbound Calls to your DIDs

On the Configure Numbers tab you will see an option to toggle CNAM (CNAM IN) when you go to edit any number. By turning on the CNAM toggle you are asking us to dip all calls going into your thinQ numbers to check for the calling party's Caller ID Name.

If the CNAM toggle is active you will be charged a CNAM IN rate per phone call to your number for the dip of Caller ID Name. We do NOT cache CNAM lookups.

You will be charged for every call attempt, whether it is connected or not.

The rate for CNAM IN lookup can be found on the Inbound, rates,  sub-tab inbound rates, in

Please note the CNAM toggle is for CNAM IN lookups only. The CNAM drop down is for updating the name associated with your number.


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