Brand and Campaign Rejections - How to Correct These

Common Campaign Rejections and Corrections Needed

Rejection: Reseller / Non-compliant KYC. Register the brand info, not the agency or software provider behind the brand. 

How to Fix: If you are mentioning a company name or website in the campaign CTA or message samples, that same company name (legal info/EIN) should be on the brand tied to that campaign. 

The brand needs to include the company information and website of the company that is going to be using the actual campaign that is associated. 

Rejection: Unable to verify, need website / working website or complete CTA information if opt-in occurs outside of website.

How to Fix: Step 1, make sure you have the company website listed on your brand the campaign is linked to. Step 2, if the opt in is being collected somewhere other than the website, you must include this in the CTA on the campaign. 

Example: “Customer visits local store and signs up for texts about upcoming offers/events.”

The website listed on the Brand page OR within the campaign needs to be a working website and it must include opt-in language on the page collecting the mobile number. 


Rejection: Opt-in language is required on website if used to collect mobile numbers.

How to Fix: Every single page on the website that is collecting a mobile number needs to include the opt-in language on that page so it is clear to someone signing up that they are opting into receiving text messages. 

Mobile Terms and Conditions are highly recommended to have on the website. 

Rejection: Inaccurate Registration. Inconsistency between website, sample messages or incomplete sample messages.

How to Fix: Step 1, are the sample messages accurate for what the campaign will be used for? Step 2, is the website included on the brand and in the campaign details accurate and does it include pages for collecting mobile numbers? If so, it needs to match the content and company name mentioned in the sample messages. 

At least two sample messages are required and they need to match the company details provided on both the brand page and the website.

Rejection: Lead Gen/Affiliate Marketing prohibited; other

How to Fix: Lead Generation or Affiliate Marketing is not allowed. If your campaign was incorrectly identified as lead generation or affiliate marketing, please adjust the website, CTA, Campaign Description, etc to better explain the business and use cases associated.


Common Brand Rejections and Corrections Needed

Rejection: Tax id does not match with the company name or business type.

How to Fix: The EIN listed on the brand page needs to match the legal company name that is listed with that EIN. 

If you are an international customer, you may have to apply for extra vetting to get the VAT or other international tax ID approved and verified. 


Additional Questions

I corrected my campaign per the rejection, now what?

After you have corrected the rejections either on the website, campaign details, or brand details, you will need to click the reshare button (or use the API) to resubmit the campaign. This will allow the changes to be reviewed by TCR and the DCA. 


The rejection doesn’t make sense to me or I think it is incorrect as that information is already on the site. What do I do now?

If the rejection reason does not match or you believe it was given incorrectly, please send an email to explaining the campaign details that dispute the rejection and we can contact TCR and/or the DCA on your behalf. 

Questions on a rejection, new campaign, etc?

Email for further assistance.

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