Technical FAQ's

Does Commio pass Caller ID information?

We pass along the information in the SIP FROM, Remote-Party-ID, and P-Asserted-Identity headers.
How does Commio handle redundancy?
We offer a DNS SRV record, which automatically load balances and powers failover in the event of a maintenance or service interruption.
A DNS A Record is also available if your installation doesn’t support DNS SRV. Just like DNS SRV, the A record is automatically updated by our APIs in the event that a service node in any of our geographies is put into maintenance mode or has an issue.
When can you contact Commio for support related issues?
24hrs a day via emailing and by visiting us on the web at or by calling 1-877-5060-SIP(747) M-F 9am-6pm EST.
Can I authenticate from a dynamic IP address?
Yes, However, the IP address you are sending from needs to be defined in your portal Trunk.
If your IP changes, you need to change it in the portal.

How do I add or remove an IP address on my account?
Login to your portal. To add/remove IP addresses click on Trunks under "outbound."
There you may edit/add/remove trunk IP's. Changes take 3-5 minutes to propagate.

Can I have multiple IP addresses on my account?
Yes, just add additional Trunks.
Can I use a shared static IP address?
Yes, we support sending a PREFIX in the RURI to identify different trunks.
Will DTMF work?
Yes. We support RFC 2833, out of band.
Can I get help setting things up?  
You will have an interop window and be able to work with the support staff.  However, we are not experts on your equipment.  We ask that you have an equipment rep available to actually setup your equipment with the information that we provide.

How many concurrent calls do you support?
We limit call concurrency to a predefined amount, but this can be changed at any time.  We also limit calls per second (CPS) based on customer's needs.
Where do I point my switch to send traffic?
What are the Default SIP ports?
UDP 5060 (only)
What are the Default RTP ports and IPs?
We are a proxy and do not anchor media. Your media is sent directly to the carrier to prevent additional hops and latency.
Therefore you must allow RTP to come from any IP and open RTP Ports:  5000-64000. Except 5060-5061 keep locked
What dialing format or patterns does Commio accept?
We accept 11 digits.
What voice codecs does Commio support and what should be my codec priority?  
1) G.711u 2) G.729a (for voice)
 1)G.729a 2) G.711u 3)T.38 (for fax)

What protocols does Commio support?

We only support SIP.
Does Commio have a call timer for individual calls?
Yes, there is a 6 hour call timer in place for all calls (1+ NANP and international). This is a global setting to protect against fraud, hanging calls, etc.
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