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The Configure Numbers Tab contains all of the numbers you have ported to and/or purchased through Commio. This tab allows full customization of how your numbers work for you. Each Column is sort-able by ascending or descending order by clicking the blue arrows next to the Column title. You can use the Show Filters button to search for certain numbers.

Show Filters: allows you to filter from all of the numbers on your profile by any of the following options: Active, e911, CNAM lookup, SMS, CNAM OUT, Routing Pref, Network, e911 Site, Order ID (for order history), Port In Ticket ID (Zendesk ticket number), NPA, Full DID, and Tag. Click Filter Results to show the search results. Clear will reset the filter form to default.

Hide Filter: This will hide filters box that opens when you click on Show Filters.

Column Definitions:

Phone: The DID/TF you purchased from or ported to Commio.


  • CNAM: Turn on/off CNAM delivery on inbound calls.  If on, we dip the inbound ANI and append the name in the FROM header name field between “name here” in the INVITE. There is a per call fee for this feature.  See Rates section in portal.  
    Ex: FROM: “name here” <9198900000@>
  • e911:  Turn on/off e911 feature.  When on, this allows the ANI to call e911 and we update the national database with the address information provided.  There is a per month fee for this feature.  See the Inbound - Rates section in portal.  When off, we do not update the national database with the address information and the call is routed to a national 911 call center and the caller must give the location information and there is a per call charge.  See the Inbound - Rates section in portal.
  • SMS: Turn on/off Short Message Service feature. When turned on this allows text messages to be sent and received.

Site: The address, either residential(R) or business(B), associated with the DID for e911 use. To add or remove sites, navigate to the e911 section then click Sites.

  • Residential type: Can only be associated with one phone number.
  • Business type: Can be associated with multiple phone numbers, therefore, business type must be used with residential sites with more than one phone number. 

CNAM Out: The caller ID name (residential or business) you wish to have displayed for the DID. To add or remove CNAM, navigate to the CNAM Out tab within Inbound. 

Network: Which network the DID is currently located. 

Routing Pref: This determines the endpoint/switch we will send the inbound call. To add a new routing preference click on the Routing Preferences sub-tab in Inbound. We allow up to three destination per Routing Preference.  They are attempted in order from first(top) to last(bottom).

Can be any of the following:

  • NOT READY FOR CALLS: DID has been purchased but is not yet provisioned by the provider. (this typically takes 5-15 minutes)
  • UNCONFIGURED: Provisioned but not configured. Must add routing preference. Will beshown as a yellow yield sign.
  • NOT PORTED: (yellowish) In the process of being ported into your account.  *When the number is in a not_ported status all features can be preconfigured but will not activate until the actual FOC date arrives.  All associated fees will be charged on the FOC date.
  • ACTIVE: Fully configured DID for use. Will be shown as a green check mark.


  • Tag: opens a textbox for you to edit the text tag for a specific number (or a group of numbers.)
  • Edit: opens a panel which allows for changing features e911 or CNAM on/off, changing the Site, CNAM Out and Routing Pref. 
  • Disconnect: To remove/return a DID from your Commio account you will click on the disconnect option.   



Bulk tag edit: You can click on more than one DID to highlight it OR you can check the select all option at the top of your Configure Numbers page beside the pencil you would see to edit the numbers. You can add a tag to your selected group of numbers, so they are easier to locate at a later date.

To update multiple numbers: You can click on more than one DID to highlight it OR you can check the select all option at the top of your Configure Numbers page. (When you click on numbers, they will highlight grey, this is how you will know they are selected.) Once more than one number is highlighted/selected a gray pencil option will show at the top left of your screen that can be clicked to begin updating the numbers. Make the bulk changes desired from the pop up menu and then click set to update selected DIDs. Screen_Shot_2021-01-11_at_8.17.22_AM.png



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