CNAM Out Tab

CNAM Out Tab 

You can only manage CNAM Out for numbers in your control. The numbers must be listed within your Number Management tab to manage CNAM Out.

To manage CNAM Out for DIDs in Number Management. Navigate to Inbound then CNAM Out.  

Name - the name of the CNAM you want displayed

Type - Either Residential or Business

Actions - allows you to edit or delete the CNAM Out entry.

Add New + - Click "Add New +" button in the upper right hand corner of the screen to create a new CNAM option. In the box that appears, add the customer name or business name as they would like it to appear on Caller ID and select "Business" or "Residential".

What is the difference between business and residential CNAM?:

Business - Can be applied to multiple DID's.
Residential - Can only be applied to one DID.

NOTE: For E911 purposes your CNAM Out type must match the "Site Location" type as either "Business" or "Residential".


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