Routing Profiles Tab

This article explains the Routing Profiles tab on the Inbound section of which is broken up into two parts: Inbound Routes and Follow the Sun.

A Routing Profile must be assigned to your number for it to be active for voice use. 

Please note: We route advance on everything immediately EXCEPT a 486.  If we receive no signaling back we wait approx 3-4 seconds before routing advancing.

Inbound Routes
This Section allows you to add as many profiles as needed for your thinQ numbers. The Profiles are used to tell us where you want your inbound traffic sent TO. 

Existing Profiles
Shows the names of all your current profiles. 

You can see which profile is your default profile. Click on Make Default if you wish to make that profile the default profile.

Click on the pencil icon to edit profile. Click on the x with a circle to delete the profile. 

Adding a profile 
Click the "Add Profile" button on the bottom left of the screen.

Name: Add name of the profile


1. IP - points directly to your switch no auth needed. Can add port if needs to be different than 5060

2. DNS A - points to a DNS A record

3. DNS SRV - points to a DNS SRV record (cant specify port)

4. PSTN - calls a POTS line (please see rate sheet for pricing details)

5. SIP URI - use this option if your switch requires registration or if a custom port is needed other than 5060 ie: sip:1234@ (freeswitch)  
*sip: is required before the SIPURI

Address: Input correct information based on type selected.

You can add up to 3 routing types per profile. The first type line will always be primary and the other two will serve as backup. If we do NOT receive a response from the first attempt, after 4 seconds we will cancel that invite and try to your second TYPE/attempt in your profile. If the second attempt also does not respond, after another 4 seconds we will try the third attempt/type. If we see any kind of 503 or busy response from the first attempt, we will immediately move to the second type and so on.

Follow the Sun

Choose follow the sun by clicking on the drop down next to select routing.

This allows you to use different routes based on time of day.

Name: The name of the Route.

ID: The number associated with the route.

Action: Edit or Delete


Adding a follow the sun rule

Click on "Add Profile" on the bottom left

Name the rule and click save.

Click on the pencil to the rite of the named rule to edit.

Time zone: Choose which time zone you would like to use.

Select the start and end times you would like this rule to apply to.

Click on the + on the right side.

Override 1 select which profile you would like to use during this time.

Please note. Any time that is left blank will use the default profile.

Click save.



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