Orders Tab

The Orders tab contains a list of all purchases on the account, such as DID purchases, added features, and port in requests.


The type columns identifies what kind of order was made. Some examples of what types of orders may be found here are listed above.


The "Status" column shows if the request has been completed, cancelled, or a draft. The vast majority of the time you will see "Completed" in this column.

User Name

The "User Name" column lists the user who made the request.  


The "Date" column shows the day the request was made.  

Order Number

The "Order Number" column contains the order number which is also a link. When clicked the link will show a summary of charges applied.  


The Actions column allows you to preform different task based on the type of request that was made. For example if you purchase new DIDs, under the actions column you will find buttons that allow you to go to the Configure Numbers screen to set up your new DIDs or a button that allows you to download a CSV of the numbers you just purchased.


Similarly if you buy a new toll free number you will find a button that takes you to your toll free LCR profiles so you can assign one to your new number.

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