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Steps for TF LCR Carrier Profile Setup-

The default carrier profile is a holding profile for your numbers as it only looks at thinQ's traffic as a whole. The purpose of your own Toll Free LCR profiles is to allow us to review the traffic on that profile to allow for optimization of your TF routes. You can have up to 10 profiles of your own under the Toll Free LCR Profiles page, but generally one all that is required. Each individual profile will be optimized on a weekly basis for the specific traffic going over that profile. Different profiles can be created for varying coverage and carrier needs. 

In you will want to click on Inbound, Toll Free LCR, and then Profiles. On the TF LCR Profiles tab you will click the 'add new' button to create a new profile. You will want to have all five of our TF vendors enabled and you can then pick your desired coverage. Once you have a profile built you will need to click on the Inventory subtab. Inventory provides a list of all of your TF numbers. You will want to move them to your own profile OFF of default. 

New numbers that you purchase can immediately be moved off of default. During the porting process we will have your TF numbers locked until we have fully uploaded them to all of the Toll Free vendors. At that time we will notify you via the port-in ticket that the numbers are unlocked and ready to be moved to your own carrier profiles.

Route Blocks

TF LCR Route Blocks are built off the dialed digits NPA NXX and can remove certain carriers from being used on calls to your TFNs from those NPANXX areas. You cannot block all carriers. 


The Toll Free LCR Inventory tab shows all of the toll free numbers on your account and the TF LCR profile that they are currently on. If you need to change the TF LCR profile that a specific number is on that can be done from this page. The 'show filters' button towards the top will allow you to make specific searches. You can then choose a different TF LCR profile from the drop down if needed.


The FROM and TO date and time will allow you to search through the logs. Logs track changes made to your TF numbers.


View graphs for last 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days. Data includes Minutes, Dollars, and Rate. You can view all five vendors individually or click to view all.

The search FROM and TO will show a specific date and time range.


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