Defining the CDR for Inbound

Inbound traffic's CDR will be name: yyyy-mm-dd_orig_cdr_accountID
and the fields of this CSV formatted CDR are below:

date - mm/dd/yyyy 
time - when the call was placed in GMT/UTC format
carrier_id - Our ID number for each carrier
from_ani - The number dialed from
from_lrn - 10-digit Local Routing Number which identifies a switch port for a central office
from_lata - originating area that is covered by local exchange carriers (LECs)
from_ocn - originating ocn
from_state - originating state from USA
from_rc - originating rc
to_did - The number dialed to
thinQ_tier - value 1, 2, or 3 which correlate to the which Tier a DID associates with it
callid - The unique identifier for a call
account_id - Your account Identifier
tf_profile - the identifier used for TFLCR profile used for inbound TF traffic
dest_type - profile type (IP, SIPURI, etc)
dest - SIP location call pointed to(usually IP address)
rate - The current rate of charge per minute
billsec - billable seconds
total_charge - price of the call in USD


Additional Terms:

OCN - Operating Company Number is a 4 character ID for N.A. phone companies assigned by NECA and used to identify companies

RC - Rate Center = geographical area used by a Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) to determine the boundaries       for local calling, billing and assigning phone numbers

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