e911 Site/Address Limitations and Requirements

The following limits and recommendations are regarding the E-911 Sites associated with numbers you may enable for 911 use on thinq io. 

  • Nickname - Recommended less than 36 characters.

  • Type - Residential or Business. If a locations has multiple numbers then you must choose Business as the type.
  • Address - Primary road or street. Alphanumeric between 1-56 characters (less than 48 characters recommended).
    Note:Due to PSAP display limitations, an error may be returned for any values submitted that are over 48 characters. It is a best practice to provision the RD field between 1-48 characters plus 10 characters for House or Building Number.

  • Unit/Apt # - More precise information about the location. Example: Suite 200, Floor 2. Alphanumerical between 1 and 60 characters (20 characters or less is recommended). 

  • State - The state, province, or county of the location. Some countries require it to be the Abbreviated state name (2 letters) while others require it to be the full name. The validation is Country specific. 2 characters max. 
    Example: US, CA, FR, GB.

  • City - City, Township. Example: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago. 32 characters max, including numerical characters.

  • Zip - ZIP Code or Postal Code. US

    The leading '0' must be there. Example: 07827 is accepted while 7827 is not.
    • A 6 digit/characters postal code. Example: H2X 1R

      • Capitals letters are accepted

      • Space is accepted

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