SMS Quick Guide

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SMS messages should be allowed up to 20 minutes to complete
Supported destinations: U.S.A. (50 states) and Puerto Rico

Maximum Message Size: 
Max character limit for a single SMS is 160. A maximum of 910 characters can be sent in an SMS message, but they will be chunked off into 153 character segments and charged for each additional message.

MMS: MMS varies per destination carrier, please see below for limits:
Verizon: 1 MB
AT&T: 1 MB
Sprint: 800KB
T-Mobile: 700KB
Various Carriers: 300 KB - 1 MB

Special Characters:
We support multilingual character sets but they’re a different encoding type, which means the messages are chunked in 70 character pieces. Emojis are chunked at 70 characters


 FCC Limitations:
The FCC determines quantity of messages for anti-spam. Those limitations are currently set as follows:
1 messages per second per source DID
900 messages per hour per source DID
3000 messages per day per source DID
200 verbatim (identical) messages per source DID, per hour

Supported MMS file types located at the following article


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