Accessing Your Freshbooks Account

Accessing a Single Invoice

You can pay a single invoice at a time by either 1) accessing the invoice from, or 2) by email.
Any user with billing access can navigate to the Billing tab to access the Invoices tab. You can click individual Pay Bill invoices to pay within Freshbooks without having to login. 

Invoices by Email: 
When an invoice is created in our system, an email is sent to the billing email address listed on your account. The email will be sent from and will contain a link to "View Invoice".

- If you wish to update the billing email address on your account, please contact with the new email. 


Accessing Multiple Invoices

To view more than one invoice at a time, or to pay more than one invoice at a time, you can login to your Commio Freshbooks account. 

Steps to Create Login (Reset Password):

1. Click to view one of your existing invoices either by email or the Invoices page.

2. Once your invoice is up in Freshbooks, you will see a blue link "Log in to view all invoices from thinQ". Click the link.

3. A login screen will pop up with a "Forgot Password" option. When this is clicked an email will be sent to the billing email address on your account. (This will only work for the single email address used for billing.)

4. Check your email for the password reset from It will include a green "Reset Password" button. 

5. A change password screen will appear to allow you to configure a password for the account. 

You're all set! Feel free to share this login with other members of your team who may need to access more than one invoice at a time within the Freshbooks system. 


To Pay More than One Invoice at a Time

When viewing a single invoice, you will see a blue link near the top of your screen if there is more than one invoice unpaid saying "x other outstanding invoices". After clicking the link, you will see another "Pay Outstanding Invoices" link that will take you to a screen to pay the total outstanding balance. 

If you have any trouble at all or questions, please contact us at



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